VERA Secure Dead Battery

I have a dead battery and VERA Support Team won’t help me out.

  1. The dead battery is 100% defective and they know that.
  2. I don’t care that I have to pay for the battery but they can’t tell me how to buy a new battery.

Can anyone help?


Probably cheaper to get one of those cheap UPS designed for low power drain devices… I got a couple of them for ~$20 each…
I see no justification to get another battery… especially if you have to pay for it. This was always a puzzling feature to me…

My battery died abruptly also. I purchased a small UPS, as previously mentioned. It is pretty handy because now I don’t have to pull the Vera battery or wait for the Vera battery to drain to do a reset on the Vera Secure.

What brand/type of UPS did you buy?

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