Vera Servers Down?

Its 11:48 pm CST and I can’t access either of my Veraplus units, which are in separate homes. They both appear as Offline.

Yeah, same over here 10:30 CET, no remote access possible.
Edit: working again.
Edit 11:45 cet:… And not possible to access … Seems to be unstable

Don’t know how accurate?

Hi everyone, I’ve asked our networking team for clarifications.
As soon as I have them, I’ll keep you posted.

I have since learned that we had a power outage in the area where both of these homes are located. I will have to send someone to each home to power cycle the Vera units.

I havent tried logging in but yesterday I was getting a whole whack of late/repeat push notifs

Hi everyone, I’ve looked this up and there was no downtime in our services or servers.
However, we had a few other similar reports so we’re investigating. If you still have any connectivity issues don’t hesitate to reach our support team.

So silly question… but can the app support specifying an IP address for local LAN connectivity? No need to use Vera servers if I am home, or if I elect to use IP VPN like with security cameras (Amcrest and Dahua support this).

It will. I have blocked Vera cloud servers and the app is working when under WiFi.

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@therealdb Tried just placing my phone into airplane more and indeed things worked. Any idea on how this works? What if I change my IP address for Vera on the network - wouldnt Vera need to reach out to the cloud servers to update the local IP for the app to try and use? I couldnt find any app settings in particular to directly set the IP address.

I think they’re just using mDNS, or something similar. No need to have the local IP from the cloud, it’s all local.

@therealdb Hmmm. Interesting because I have the Vera and my mobile phone in different subnets across a firewall. I dont have any multicast policies between these 2 zones, but I am not blocking normal traffic. Will have to investigate further when I have some time.

One still has to be logged in. The mobile app gets data about the controller from the cloud. If you change the ip it won’t work anymore. After Android 6 it is not possible to use system internals from within any app, IIRC. On Apple I do not know how it behaves but it should be the same.

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@alecs Anyway to potentially add to the next app update or roadmap an advanced setting to specify an IP address for the controller locally? The use case of course if the network connection goes out (ie big snow storm) one can still easily manage their Vera if the IP address changes (or alternatively, if the app has some sort of timeout where it will no longer use the IP address gathered from the data in the cloud).

We see quite a few posts about people having issues with Controller Down / Up, and perhaps this is due to network issues or cloud issues or whatever. Why not have some resiliency in place to code a local IP?

@polskikrol can you please create an account if you don’t have one already and submit your request under the the public tracker here: Ezlo Community Bug Tracker - Service Desk ( ? Thanks.

@Sorin As per your request, submitted ECS-402. Also, any reason why there doesnt appear to be a single authentication for access to the Vera Controller account, Ezlo Community Bug Tracker, and this forum? Appears everything requires its own account - why?

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