VERA Support

I have to admit, I have complained and threatened about Vera in the past. in fact I had even given up on many of my issues and wouldn’t even bother calling support. I left the forums and just tried to limp along.

During a brief visit back, I saw the story about the merger, and new owners professing to want to help and note that they have new or additional support people.

So, after a home invasion, I created a ticket regarding my vera edge going offline at least once a day, if not more. It was bad enough that I had to plug it into an internet controlled switch so I could turn off and on the power to reboot it while traveling. More than ever I needed to know that vera wouldn’t go to sleep at night and fail to tell me or document events going on around my house.

Then came Jose Luis Bedoya. He picked up my ticket and told me what he needed and he never gave up. I don’t know what he did except that when he was finished I was no longer logging to a usb storage device and more importantly, vera has only failed once in over a month (probably my fault).

I would like to recognize Mr Jose Luis Bedoya for his diligence and tremendous representation of the Vera organization. Thank you sir.


They have gotten better. Your “give up” and “limp along” comment struck me. I have done the same thing and just lived with the issues. I even removed the plugin “system monitor” taking the attitude “if I don’t get the alerts on reboots did they really even happen!”

I circled back around to support recently after having someone approach the front door to our house. The “scene” that recorded video worked but the video was not available. I used the in browser links for support assuming it would be the typical long wait. In the past it would sometimes take days for a response. I had a response email in hours.

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This is all gratifying to hear. I gave up years go ever trying to obtain genuine tech support for my silly Vera issues (all of which since got resolved somehow).

So it’s nice to know responsiveness has now improved under the new regime. :smiley:

I’ll add my recent experience. I started with Vera back in 2011. About two years ago I stopped taking firmware updates - my system was relatively stable and I was tired of fighting with issues after every update. Last month I finally decided to try the first post-acquisition firmware update for my Vera Plus. The upgrade didn’t go well and I had to contact support.

But this time was different. They logged into my system and cleaned things up and upgraded the firmware. Then they took my backup file and cleaned things up in there and restored the backup. Other than two virtual devices that I had to delete and recreate, I was back up and running. But now, my unit was far more responsive and stable.

After 8 years of disillusionment, I’m pleasantly surprised and cautiously optimistic. Things are definitely pointed in a different direction.