Vera tablet interface



I’ve been digging around with no luck for a tablet type interface to control Vera devices. I have an iPad mini I’m using now with ImperiHome and it’s really perfect, except for the price of using an ipad as a remote. I have a small windows 10 tablet I can use or I can put Linux on it. I’m looking for something that is basically 8 to 12 buttons that I can simply/quickly turn devices on/off. It’s for my garage items. Any thoughts/feedback appreciated.

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Have you taken a look at the AltUI plugin?

Fabulous interface on both web browsers and tablets. I use it all the time.

Equally, the excellent HomeWave app has a very configurable interface which should display your specific devices nicely.


Seconding @akbooer on ALTUI on tablets and phones, but you also mention a device with buttons. Have you looked at the Remotec ZRC-90 scene master remote? I have 6 of them and they work well. If you go in this direction, let me know and I can share some tips and tricks.


ZRC-90 is indeed great. I have two. Only problem is recalling what the buttons do

I had a no-name Android phone running either AltUI or (I think) Imperihome that also worked well



I use a Brother label maker to customize the buttons. It takes some patience and a sharp X-Acto knife, but the results are worth it. I use Homewave on a (very) old iPad Mini as the central display/control surface. I wish Homewave ran on Android since there are a lot of cheap tablets out there.


Awesome, thank you for all the suggestions…I seem to be dealing with a bit of kidney stones at the moment, so I will reply back again once I dig in to these. Thanks so much for the suggestions -Jeff


Feel better!