Vera trying to access my router

I was reviewing the logs from my router , and noticed entries from the IP address of Vera as a failed attempt log-in to my router . The question is :

  1. Why is Vera trying to log into my router? I don’t see any reason why it will attempt to do that ?

  2. How can I troubleshoot this more to understand the work flow of how it got to that point.


If it is able to try to do that, I must have underestimated the luup engine… What do you mean by trying to log into your router. It is hacking the password for it?
I seriously doubt that this is true. What router are you using? More than likely that your router uses some odd terminology in its logs and the vera is just trying to access the internet or is pinging your network gateway to see if it is present.

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That is exactly what I am trying to figure out!

I am using a Netgear router , 2 years old at the very least , the router in question is actually an extension to my main router as a network extender , so worse case scenario , Vera is connected to the main router not the one used as an extender . The logs say "admin login failure from the IP( Vera’s static IP ) as show in the image. The main router has no such logs.

Again , this is a network extender that is on my LAN but vera is not connected directly to and should really have no business visiting as my vera is hard wired to my main router.

I see… I don’t think it is trying to log in. It is part of the UPnP feature on the vera which is doing device discovery. Disable the UPnP on the vera network screen and these should disappear I suspect.

To be technically correct, I don’t think that extension is a router… It is likely an AP or a wifi repeater and netgear likely supports UPnP so it responded to the vera UPnP query but did not allow to go beyond.

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Thanks for the input , will try that and just dig around more to see if I notice anything else.

To be technically correct it is indeed a router :slight_smile: …I kid, I just configured it to be an access point as you said. Its connected by Ethernet to my main router(both netgear) and I am running a multitude of things on it which are UPnP - Qnap Nas with (Home-assistant/ plex/ Ip camera Nvr/ a VM or 2 or 3)

vera luup wiki intro
(Lua-UPnP) is Mi Casa Verde’s new software engine which incorporates Lua, a popular scripting language, and UPnP, the industry standard way to control devices. Vera is built on Luup.

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