Veralite not responsive - rapid blinking green light

darn my luck in waiting for the new firmware… I came home from work yesterday and my lights were not on. Vera is offline. I have not done anything with Vera in a few months. No new devices, no new scenes, etc. The scenes just run as expected and I have been using either Alexa or Home Assistant to control devices and haven’t even used the app.

In hopes of getting the veralite back online I have tried (each several times):

[ul][li] rebooted many times[/li]
[li] reset the network by holding the reset between 5-10 seconds[/li]
[li] direct connecting by putting my computer on the 192.168.81.x network and connecting to[/li]
[li] pressed reset when first plugged in which puts it in a flashing blue light state, and then tried telnetting to it[/li][/ul]

Nothing I do seems to change the behavior and it appears to go through a normal boot sequence and just when you expect it to come online, the network led changes to rapid flashing.

I don’t know why this happened and I don’t know what else to try to fix it. Anyone know what mode it may be in or suggestions on getting it back online? I would hate to have to set everything up again :frowning:


Please check your e-mail as I have created a support ticket for your issue.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Radu B, post:2, topic:200566”]Hello,

Please check your e-mail as I have created a support ticket for your issue.

Thank you. :)[/quote]

Thank you. Will do. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Vera support, for helping me get back online.

Still not sure what is wrong with the veralite. It possibly may be the network port that finally gave out.

But since I had a Vera Plus that I wanted to bring online anyway, we used a backup from the veralite and restored it the vera plus and all my devices and scenes were there. Very happy about that.

Thank you again :slight_smile:


I have exactly the same symptoms as described above by randya.
Are there any other steps I can do to to fix this issue?

I have the same problem here, and I send an email about my problem.

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