Veramate won't login to newest version 6 on vera lite


Hi there. I have upgraded to ver 6 of the vera on my vera lite, and everything works. I have the same problem with mms vera and the login and tokens as others have desired. It works, but i have to log out and in often. Then i bought veramate, and this app won’t login. i get to the login screen, then i can chose between my 2 vera lite locations, push one, and it says connecting forever and nothing happens.
if i kill the app, relaunch, it goes to main screen and says refreshing forever. No luck.

Anybody has any ideas how to get this thing working ?




Need to post this in the Veramate section.,54.0.html



Hi @sundalez

Sorry you’re having problems. I’ll repost what I’ve just put in the forum:

This has affected a couple of users now, and I believe it to be related to a networking problem downloading the device details (for which I can’t quite determine the reason, as this is part of a framework that hasn’t changed in VeraMate, apart from recompiling for iOS 7.1). I do however have a workaround in the next version, 5.5.

So it’s not ideal, but if you could wait until around very early next week, the upgrade should be released onto the app store. In the interim I could suggest connecting using the “guest login” using a local controller from the login page, however, the problem still seems to affect some users even on a guest/local connection.