VeraMobile App Version 3.36 (3) streaming stuck on connecting, iOS 13.3.1

I have a problem. Ever since the VeraMobile update v.3.36 (3) was released, I can’t view the streaming from my cameras. It goes to the camera view, but has a big Connecting with a constantly turning circle. I have 3 iOS devices, and on 2 of them, I had an older version of the VeraMobile app, and they were working just fine:

  1. Apple iPhone 11, iOS v.13.3.1. This is my cell phone, VeraMobile app version 3.36 (3)

  2. Apple iPhone 6S, iOS v.13.3.1, back up old phone, no SIM card, just WiFi and Bluetooth; VeraMobile app version 3.34 (8)

  3. Apple iPad 5th generation, iOS 13.3.1, Vera app version 3.35 (12)

Then, the iPhone 6S did an automatic update to the VeraMobile App to the most current version, and that, too, went into the spinning Connecting mode.

I contacted Vera tech support, and they wanted to remote into my devices in admin mode, but I don’t feel that this is a device issue, since I was able to see that previous versions of the app releases worked fine. I did tech support for a software company, and usually was the one to take a lot of the calls after a buggy release of our software, and pass it on to our programming department to address. This issue seems exactly like a buggy version release.

Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, were you able to fix it?

I’m not sure if it is allowed, but if anyone else has had this problem, is it possible to PM me so I can get on it and fix it; or, at least know that Vera tech support/management is addressing this issue, PLEASE?

I’d appreciate it, and Thank You!

Could you please give me some details about the model and manufacturer of your cameras?


Thank you for getting back to me! It is greatly appreciated!!!

I have an indoor camera, which is the VistaCam 700, and I have an outdoor camera, a VistaCam (VeraCam?) 1101, both of which were purchased through Vera.

FYI, I also have enabled Remote Access through the Vera app, in the case you need to remote in and see.

Thank you!



Just wanted to see if you had received my previous message with the information that you requested.

Also, would you please be kind enough to keep me posted as to how things are progressing on the issue? It would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you again!


I received your message.
We started to investigate what can cause your camera issues.
If is ok with you I will contact you in private for more details as we go forward.
Thank you

That’s fine, please feel free to contact me anytime, like 9-5 Eastern Daylight Savings time. If you need my phone number, let me know.



Just curious: Have you tried updating to the 3.37 (4) version of the iOS app?

I don’t see 3.37 in the app store, only 3.36.

I have a similar issue. My camera show a play link then say Failed to receive image from camera after clicking it. The cameras stream properly from the web page, this issue only exists in vera mobile. This is a vera plus with cameras provided by the blueiris plugin.

It’s broken in 3.37 (4) on IOS. Interestingly, last round broke camera in the web GUI, while the app worked. Now it’s the reverse.

3.37 (4) is part of the IOS beta test program. You won’t see it in the app store.

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Hello everybody,

I have a similar issue. I use Foscam cameras with a snapshot.cgi. I have the same problems like described by @Juppers
On 7th march 2020 I informed Vera technical support and Leonardo S. (and I hope he is not alone) is still working on it.

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