VeraMobile for Android 7.30.204 - 03-June-2019

We’re very excited to release version 7.30.204 of the VeraMobile app on Android which you can download now in the Google Play Store.

Works with:

1.7.4452 Vera Edge / 1.7.4453 Vera Plus / 1.7.4454 Vera Secure

New features

  • Add Device Wizard feature to assist our customers in pairing new devices to their controllers, via the VeraMobile app
  • Ability to control Fortrezz WV-01 water valve

Stabilization and improvements:

  • Lots of improvements the core stability of the app
  • Improvements to the enter/exit notifications (Geofence)
  • Fixed an issue with the setpoint on Danfoss Radiator
  • Fixed several crashes reported in our previous release

LE: We’ve got news from Google Developer Console that the app might take longer than usual for approval. We’re sorry about this but we’ll keep you posted with more info about when the app will be visible to everyone.

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Is 7.30.203 up yet. The play store is reporting that current version is 7.28.159

i’m on 7.30.202
i still have notification issues from the last version

only geofence is notifying
all other notifications are not pushing to the app

I still haven’t seen the update. Been checking all day.

Hi guys, indeed it seems that is not yet available for everyone. We’re checking on this.

is the notifications issue supposed to be fixed?
even after clear cache, clear data, uninstall, re-install
still no push notifications

only geofencing notifications

i have allowed all requests on install
and disabled battery optimization for the vera app

the last stable version (7.25 i think) did not have this issue

Hi there,

We don’t have other recent reports on the notifications front. Unless you happen to have some notification types disabled from the web (User & Account info > Notification settings)

If you’re still having issues please log a ticket with our Customer Care team so they can look at this.

there was another thread reporting this issue last week
i regret not tracking it, as i can no longer find it

others are having the issue

i have checked my notification settings
i even disabled then re-enabled

sorry, i should have mentioned that in my testing
if the app is open/in the foregrount
you get the push notification but not otherwize

this is only since the last 2 or 3 betas

ALL my notification options are on in vera
ALL notifications for the vera app in android are authorized
battery optimization for the vera app is disabled

LE: We’ve got news from Google Developer Console that the app might take longer than usual for approval. We’re sorry about this but we’ll keep you posted with more info about when the app will be visible to everyone.

At the risk of sounding very cynical about Google’s motives… why am I not surprised… a competitor’s app/integration… takes a little longer to approve… again… :thinking:

Thanks for the update.

not the same thread that i was mentioning
but here is another person that had the same issue back in April

Unable to see anything otherthan 7.30.202 Beta.

I have great news. The app should be up, for everyone.

" Your update to VeraMobile™ is live in the store."

Any possible recent issues with notifications are not related to the April report. Back then it was an issue with the Google Cloud sync which was sorted out by resetting app cache.

Please try the new app (make sure your Vera is running the latest fw as well), clean the app cache and if the issue continues, please have our CC team have a look at this matter.



i have tried calling support several times
i get music for about 5+ minutes then get told no agents are available and to leave a message
i have yet to get a call back

as i have mentioned i have been on 7.30.202 for several days now
this is the version that seems to have introduced the issue, if not the one before
also as mentioned, i have cleared cache, cleared data, uniunstalled, re-installed, re-authorized all permissions, disabled battery optimization for that app.
it continues to only notify while in the app
unless its geofence
i do get emails but not push notifications if the app is not the foreground app on screen
these are all things i previously wrote

i did notice that in the android app settings under notifications
several options are no longer there
only geofence is

i never did get 7.30.203 (the version on this thread)

however this morning i just got 7.30.204
this version has additional options in the android app settings under notifications as it used to
also after opening this new version it asked for permission to run in the background

it seems to me that perhaps .202/.203 must have been known for this issue
as .203 was not released
and now .204 seems to not only be working but actually have the correct items to authorize and actually asks for permission to run in the back ground

it would seem i was incorrectly being dismissed
this is rather disappointing and upsetting
this is no different then how vera operated under old management

it seems to now work
i will keep monitoring and advise

The version number is my fault as I used the Beta thread.
.204 is the LIVE version and I’ve corrected that.

you should have been more willing to listen to the issue that support would not call back on

its clear the issue existed in 202 possibly 203
and was fixed in 204

its not very good to dismiss people
especially when it turn out they were correct

i’m can now see that you replied just 15 minutes ago
in the push notification thread that i previously could not find

in there you assure people that you were aware of the issue and that it is fixed in .204

but in this thread you were certain there was no issue

I’m sorry if it seems you were dismissed, this is not our intention. It’s clear that internal communication about a reported issue could have been better. There were two separate issues related to the Android app reported back in April, that we internally discussed.

One related to the Google services that were confirmed by them, and a few of our users(here on the forum) which was resolved by clearing the cache.

And a second issue that was possibly related to the app that our mobile team could not confirm until the release of .204 which should also address it, as confirmed by you as well.

In regards to the Customer Care responsiveness - I’m sorry for this but our Customer Care Manager would love to look into this if can shoot me a PM with the caller id.