VeraPlus and Netatmo valves

Hi everyone
I’m new here and I bought a VeraPlus and I have some questions…
I found the Netatmo plugin but it seems only the Netatmo thermostat is supported but not the valves (not detected by the plugin, although the valves are working fine and I have connected it via web page ). In my mind, the valves are having the same connection type as the thermostat (cloud to cloud). Any idea how I connect the valves to the Vera dashboard?


Please note that we have add a request to our development team to work on integration of the Netatmo valves.

Thank you and Have a nice day,

Thanks for support. :slight_smile:

Has this integration advanced so far?

I am also very much interested in controlling the whole set of Netatmo valves I have at home from the Vera Plus.

Any news about valve integration?

The netatmo app is from 2018 and no valves are still working with the vera.

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