VeraPlus : Automatic watering



I just bought the veraplus model and I would like to know which automatic watering programmer can be integrated to. I already have four solenoid to connect to.

I was looking for a gardena programmer, but i’m not sure to be able to connect it to the vera?

Thank you for your answer.



I personally use OpenSprinkler, but other systems have plug-ins as well (ie. Rachio). Just take a look at

I alwsay prefer separate and specific hub for very different things, just to avoid any problems (ie: Vera busy doing lights and a valve missing its close command).



I use the Rachio and the plug in and have had very good experience with it. Installed beginning of last year plus some of the features available with Rachio you don’t have in Vera.



I programmed my 6-zone garden-watering myself using 1 valve.

Because of possible restarts of the Vera, the code has to be restartable.

Saving data in “multistring” or a file survives restarts.

And a UPS / power-backup is advisable when having your garden watered when you are not at home.

NB: one zone at a time should be watered because of the water-pressure.


  • to be able to program in Lua

  • Gardena-part 1197-20 to be able to handle a max of 6 hoses

(it switches to the next output-hose when valve is closed)

  • 1 valve