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Trying to integrate Veraplus into C4. Have the Vera driver connected - "Vera connection successful - Full device data downloaded. I then loaded a generic motion sensor.

Under properties of the Zwave controller, I have the zwave management link listed under inputs - but there are no sensors to bind to.

Some questions:

  1. Where will I see the devices in Vera?

  2. How do I bind the motion sensors to Vera?

Thanks in advance

First you will need to add zwave security sensor from drivers, than fill the room name and device name (from vera) in the driver properties. Than add a motion sensor from common devices and bind the zwave security sensor with motion sensor.

Thanks so much. I did what you suggested - and got so far as seeing the sensor changing state.
(Vera controller --> ZWave Security sensor --> generic motion sensor}

When I run my hand over the actual sensor - State changes to closed (verified = Yes). So it seems to be working.

However - I cannot seem to trigger an event (turning on a light

Under programming:

When the Motion sensor senses motion: If specific light is off, then turn on that light

When the Motion sensor stops sensing motion: If specific light is off, then turn off that light

When I hit the execute button for each script, they each execute perfectly.

I have many other events tied to similar logic - just cannot seem to have the motion sensor trigger simply turning on a light. I have to be missing something simple!

Add motion sensor from common devices, then go to zwave security sensor ->connections tab and connect the zwave sensor to common motion sensor. Than do the programming logic on common motion sensor.

Bestr regards

Appreciate the continued assistance.

I believe I did exactly as you suggested.

First, Vera controller driver is loaded (it’s working fine); it is connected to the ZWave security sensor (labeled Mudroom motion)

Second - loaded the Mi Casa Verde ZWave security sensor (labeled Mudroom Motion)

Third generic motion sensor device (labeled Mudroom Motion Sensor)

Under connections of Mudroom Motion (Mi Case driver):

  • Control Output = ZWave Management Link; it shows connected to Vera ZWave Controller
  • Control Output = Security sensor; is connected (via contact_sensor) to Mudroom Motion Sensor
  • Control Output = An Arming relay is also shown - but not connected

Before I went to programming - I verified that the State of the Mudroom Motion Sensor is changing state. Open when no motion; Closed for motion

When I go to programming of the Mudroom Motion sensor (generic one)

  • Mudroom Motion Sensor events shows a sensing motion option button, and a stops sensing motion button; When I add device action programming against these - nothing happens when the sensor is triggered (I tie it to the mudroom light on Caseta). If I execute the script manually - all works ok.

After trying this numerous times - including reloading the drivers/devices, I tried programming against the Mudroom Motion Sensor contact state. It works. When Contact State changes, and is true - lights go on; If state changes to False - lights go off.

So - its working - but in a roundabout way…

Any additional thoughts?

Thanks again


unfortunately i don’t use z-wave sensors in my setup. I have integrated Paradox Alarm Panel on Control4 and i’m using those sensors for automation’s. But it should work regardless because the the system uses the same logic, i have a generic sensor for each zone on my Alarm Panel and those zones are connected to the generic sensor the same way as zwave sensor.

Sorry that i cant help more.

Best regards

Hi, can anyone tell me wich devices programmed in a Vera plus can be controlled by a Control4 EA1, just the z-wave devices or also devices with another protocol? And does anyone has the experience with this integration in Control 4?

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