VeraPlus - need to install panasonic IP camera plugin

Looking for advice on how to make the Panasonic IP camera plugin work with vera plus. I’ve got the plugin in (version 1.23) installed and VeraPlus is on the latest firmware (1.7.3232). I can set up the Panasonic camera as a generic IP camera and get a single picture, but that will not provide arrows to aim the camera. This was all set up and running okay under Vera3, but now I am struggling with a new UI.

I’ve opened the Panasonic ip camera plugin and hit the “create device” button. I get a dialog box that states, “Success Device Created” I can’t see where that device might be in the UI to configure it with my camera’s IP address.

Does anyone have experience to share on making the Panasonic IP camera plugin work with VeraPlus (UI7)? I’m sure others are interested, too. These IP camera’s used to be sold with earlier hardware versions of vera and were easy to configure. With UI5,it was more difficult, but a plugin made it possible to use them. Now another UI and I haven’t got a clue on how to make it work.


I have 4 Panasonic cameras that were installed via the Vera3 plug-in last year but when I went to install a new one recently, the plugin was dead as you described with your Plus. Don’t know if you got this to work but this is what I did to add a Panasonic camera just yesterday.

I also have several Axis IP cameras which don’t require a plugin. I edited one of them through the normal “Settings” option in Vera with the IP address, port, creds, name and image URL for my new Panasonic camera. The changes saved successfully but it took almost an hour for the image to show up. I then add a “new” Axis camera through the normal “add camera” process. Now, both cameras work.

The only thing I would do differently the next time is to grab all of the settings screens for the original camera I’m editing because…well, “memory errors”.

Good luck.


I’m intrested how you configure your axis camera.
On my vera, it doesn’t work… when I do the test, vera said that they can’t communicate because of wrong password. If I type Nothing in the name and password fields, it’s working but only in the test mode. After, the vera doesn’t display any image!

Many thanks if you can help me!!

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