Veraplus port 22 security

Is there any way that I can install my public key and disable port 22 password login on my Veraplus so I can use password-less ssh login?


Veraplus, 7.31.

Put your public key in /etc/dropbear/authorized_keys (you can create it if it doesn’t exist, be sure to set your perms correctly).

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Thanks rigpapa. 3 questions

  1. Will this survive reboots and power cycles?
  2. What are the permissions needed to be set?
  3. How do I disable ssh password logins?



I use 0640 (user root group root)

If you mean how do you log in without your password, you would typically just specify the key when making the connection to the Vera (e.g. in linux, ssh -i /path/to/privatekey root@veraip). Actually disabling password logins and allowing only key-based logins… no idea.

Hmmm…If you cannot disable ssh password logins, that makes it insecure.


Lastly, we need to disable password login for root in Dropbear. To do this, edit the file /etc/default/dropbear and –
edit the line –


to read –


Not tested, but makes sense


Yeah, but you’re talking about a device that has an unrestricted user interface that itself contains the ability to run Lua with root privileges (e.g. go to Apps > Develop apps > Test Luup code and enter/run os.execute("/sbin/poweroff") to get an idea of how powerful and unrestrained it is). You can plug the small hole in the dike with your finger, but water is pouring over the top and around the sides.


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