Vera's Home Mode issue

I set my Vera’s Home Mode up to disarm all my sensors but my smokes but I also want it to disarm my alarm system but there is no place for a pass code. Furthermore, when in Night Mode and I press the Home Mode it “appears” to switch to home mode but it failed to disarm my alarm system. This can be very problematic if I wake up and switch from Night Mode to Home Mode thinking my alarm system is disarmed and go downstairs and the siren suddenly goes off. Is there a way to get the Home Mode to disarm the alarm system?

Not knowing what alarm system you are using makes it difficult. Your alarm system is likely connected to the vera through a plugin? This sounds like a plugin to alarm system issue.

Sorry, I realize I left out a lot of important info. It is a DSC 1832 connected via IT-100 and USB to RS232. Everything seems to work great from the PC web interface the problem is with the App. On the PC, my “Security Control Rm” room has two devices “DCS Alarm Panel” which always says “Can’t Detect Device” but seem to show the parameters correctly, and another device called “Castle myName” where “myName” has been removed for privacy. “Castle myName” is what is defined inside the DSC controller. On the PC, the “Castle myName” has buttons for me to Arm, Stay, Force, and Disarm (along with option to enter pass code). However, the Vera App does not have anything in “Castle myName” except “Vendor Options” followed by the “>” arrow to get into the device options. But even clicking the “>” in the Vera App opens a new screen which only me change the Device Name, and Assigned Room. No where does the Vera App allow me to disarm my security controller.

Hi there,
I think you are referring to the fact that you have no controls of the Alarm Panel from your Mobile App. This is a missing feature as we speak. However, work in progress for the future versions of the mobile apps.