VeraSecure EU cellular backup

Are there any plans for VeraProtect service outside US? Or even better, letting users define their own settings for sim cards other than the one provided, for real unlimited cellular backup?

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Same question here (I’m in France). It’s very hard to find useful information on veraProtect, VeraSentinel or Simcard backup.
Any reply from the crew ? @Sorin maybe ?

Hello guys,

The attached services are in close relationship with the Hardware roadmap discussed a while back on the forum.
I don’t know what will be the coverage of VeraProtect but learning from Melih’s ambition to establish Vera/MiOS as an important player in the market, I think the services will cover as much of the world as possible.

Thanks @sorin, so we’ll have to wait for those services. Meanwhile, how can I find information about using my own french simcard ? (for example to unleash notifications)