VeraSecure issue

When can I expect the Vera Secure hub to work reliably? One hub won’t operate Zigbee devices, another one routinely reports that the battery is disconnected when it’s not. And promised support for Lowe’s Iris version 1 devices has never shown up.

This is definitely off-topic, but my VeraSecure is rock-solid. On the battery problem - I have seen a few others report problems, I think a ticket to customer care would be the best bet. Same with the VeraSecure that won’t operate ZigBee devices.

I do NOT recall ever seeing that Lowe’s Iris ZigBee products would be supported. I can’t find the original Vera Controls page welcoming Iris customers to switch, but I sure don’t remember them promising that devices firmware locked to Iris would be able to work on Vera.

I have a lot of these Lowe’s devices and… found nothing iris specific about them either zigbee or zwave. They all work just fine on the vera albeit with some custom configurations to link variables to their correct endpoint for zigbee and to force device types on zwave. They are all seemingly generic and some even have equivalent OEM versions which are officially supported.

Ohh and I forgot to mention that a fair number of these iris zigbee devices were made by… Centralite which when they went bankrupt got purchased by … ezlo. So a large number of the lowe’s zigbee devices are now on the officially supported device list.

what firmware version are you using in your vera secures?

All are up to date - latest software.

And one works five with identical Iris devices and another doesn’t pair or stay paired.

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