VerMobile 7.40.354 Not Working Android

VeraMobile is not working on my Android (Pixel 3) phone. It shows my controller online, but when I click the button it goes to the dashboard and just spins never coming up with any options. Same if I go to devices, geolocation, etc. Controller works fine through my web browser. I tried clearing the data on the phone, uninstalling/reinstalling, but no luck. Thanks.

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Same issue. Samsung Galaxy S8. Android version 9.

Pour moi pareil, cet app ne fonctionne pas reste bloqué a la connexion


I am just starting to see the same thing. I think something is not running well in the Vera cloud. Local web access works.

See Ezlo, why we need local (web) access!!

Cheers Rene

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FYI For me I can use remote (cloud) access via browser, just not through the Android app.

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Same issue. It’s been several days now. No response on the forums (there are a few different threads), and I’ve emailed support twice, also with no response. Am becoming concerned that no one is listening…

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Ditto. Holding pattern. Crickets.

Flagging for @Sorin


Hi guys, I gave the team a heads up. Once I have more details on this I’ll keep you posted.

At the first sight it seems to ba an isolated issue but whoever has issue please submit a ticket to our support team and make reference to this topic so the Android team can pick it up.


I also posted yesterday in the “Dashboard beta” google group, asking what its/our purpose was, and whether anyone from the company would be instructing us on what/how to test.

Are you sure the week-old group is still active?

Hello everyone!

We are currently working on identifying and addressing the inconsistencies presented in our Android App. For all of you having the same issue, we kindly suggest submitting a request to with the following details:

  • Remote access to the controller (You can do this by accessing your Vera web UI and going to “Settings” > “Customer Care” > “Enable” and provide us with the string code that the system generates.
  • Mobile phone model
  • Software version of the mobile

Thank you for your understanding.


Just submitted a request to support at getvera dot com. I have the same issue with the spinning icon trying to get the dashboard.
btw ImperiHome works just fine.

Just updated to 7.40.360 and am very disappointed to learn that it has NOT resolved the problem, even though it seems to have been released specifically to resolve this.

I did email support, as requested above, which was the 3rd time I’ve emailed regarding this issue. To date, I’ve not received a response. I will email a 4th time.

Happily, .360 did fix my problems (endless login, devices and scenes not showing). Took it over a day to push/install, but the hotfix at least got me back to where I can resume testing.

If it helps anyone who’s still stuck, I made sure to Force Close .354 and leave it idle until the next beta revision became available.

That latest Beta did connect to all controllers again, but on the plus it is still missing the room information. Everything lumped into No room, and if you open a device the room is blank and there is the spinning wheel again.

So, back to the problems with previous GA version it seems.

Switched to beta version but it did not fix my issue.

To update, I received the .360 version of Vera Mobile for my S9 last night and it did fix my issues. I now have everything back as it was and my devices are listed by room.

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Vinx - I suggest you reach out to support. They responded quickly and needed to make a configuration change on my Vera unit. They had my issue fixed in a couple of days.


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