Video deleted when alert deleted - bug or feature?

When my VC1101 camera takes a picture an alert “Video Upload - Camera Sent Video” appears at the top of the dashboard. If I go to the camera’s recordings tab, the recording is there. If I then go back to the dashboard and delete the alert, not only is the alert deleted but the camera recording is also deleted. This makes no sense to me - surely I should be able to tidy up alert notifications without losing my recordings?

That is how it has been working at least on version 1.7.4453.

You can filter on Alert types: User&Account Info / Alerts - Select Alert Type pull-down.
This can allow you to workaround “Camera Sent Image” Alert Type.

The good news is you can purge 50 Alerts at a time here instead of 20 under the Camera device log.
I wish we could purge more than 50 at a time but such as it is.

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Many thanks @droy - agreed that deleting 50 at a time is a big help! I guess I just have to get used to being cautious about what I delete

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