Video: Recover Bricked Vera plus

Yes it was bricked no ssh no telnet nada
P.s Forgive my feet
you can try with Vera edge as well
I am not in the mood to type instructions b/c I have been working on this for 2 weeks almost

and excuse my feet
you can try with vera edge or vera plus

if u do extroot … do it after the firmware upgrade

you need to reach out to Vera support to get the firmware .bin file

Part 2 at minute 5 start the factory test procedure you and need to press each button one time (all 3) and then the led state power to bluetooth and back representing the success of the factory test and need a manual unplug and plug for ready to use @edward

thanks to @edward… he was instrumental, could not have done it without him. literally, he was great


very impressive! Congrats on bringing it back to life!