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Hello all, newbie here and looking for a simple step by step on how to read th elogs on a Vera Plus. I’ve read the forums and foudn some instructions but honestly, I’m stumped.

Can anyone provide a step by step in laymans terms?


I guess it depends on your *nix experience.

I ssh into my VP
cd /var/log/cmh
less LuaUPnP.log

But I’m going to guess that doesn’t mean a lot to you?


@philpompili, the simplest way assuming you are accessing your Vera Plus locally via an internet browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc etc) is to open a new window or tab and then use the following url (with your actual VP IP address).


I have the corresponding url set as a bookmark in the browser i normally use to access my VP locally so I don’t have to remember it.

The log loaded is limited in time but this is far simpler than logging in to the VP using ssh etc and has little risk of changing something inadvertently.

Additional note: The log file is the same as that noted as being available via ssh as noted by @Catman above.


Thank you, this worked for me. I am now able to read the logs.

If you install the ALTUI plug-in, it has a number of tools to view and search the logs.

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