Virtual Buttons for Alexa

Hi. This was just released before the weekend and it looks good news on how to make announcements in Alexa and alot more. Anyone already figured out how to use this with the Vera system?

Here’s the list of features -
Virtual Buttons can perform any action supported by Alexa Routines, which include…

  • Make Alexa speak (without asking, “what are my notifications?”)
  • Play music
  • Launch a skill
  • Read email
  • Give a weather report
  • Turn on a light
  • …and more

In fact, the list just keeps growing as Amazon continues to add more actions to Alexa Routines.

How does it Work?
Virtual Buttons creates Alexa smart home button devices you can “press” virtually via a simple REST API. As with Notify Me, you can access Virtual Button’s REST API from IFTTT, a curl command, Javascript… anything that can make a REST call.

you can link ifttt to vera a couple of ways Vera & IFTTT integration - it can be done today!

what are virtual buttons and where do i go to get them?

I thought this might be a good work around for the things i’ve been trying to do but it requires a monthly fee. Not for me… :nauseated_face:

i found the virtual buttons app in the list of amazon alexa skills. i was hoping it will enable an alexa announcement when my vera door sensors are opened. is there a way to do that via Vera & IFTTT integration?

i didn’t notice there was a subscription fee. i added the alexa skill for free.

Are you, in USA as the skill does not appear in UK list or, does it have a different name.

If the buttons can be linked too ifttt then there should be a way to link to vera.

In the instructions you have to:

  1. Create a Patreon account
  2. Enable the skill
  3. link the skill to Patreon account
  4. go to to get the virtual buttons.

Step 4 is where the fee is introduced. You have to pay for each button you create or buy a package of buttons.

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