Virtual HTTP Light Devices, supporting RGB(WW), Dimmers, Switch and much more (Tasmota, ESP*, Shelly)

Yep, try it in a browser. It should work.

Hello everyone

I just tested it on the browser http: //192.168.xxxx/relay/1? Turn = on and it works, if it goes to Vera to turn it off he says he turned it off, but the light doesn’t turn off …
What can it be?

This is the “Params” page on Vera! Any bad config?

You have to post the variables, not the params.

Here goesimagem

AFAIK you have to use the correct case for the querystring part and this doesn’t seem correct. Turn=On vs turn=on

The urls looks correct to me.
some questions
all works when set to channel 1 “0”?
Have you set the out_on_url and off in the shelly settings for both channels?
What is the error showing on your screenshots?

I too suspect it’s something (else) weird going on, since the device will just call the URL. These virtual device are really simple.

Good morning guys!
In channel 1 everything works normal! I leave the switch one settings here!

if I run the link in the browser “” the lights turn on and Vera changes the state everything is normal … but if you follow Vera off, the lights do not turn off and Vera appears as off …

What doe a call to http://yourdeviceip/settings return?

Now I’m at work and only at the end of the day can I see this information! I can barely say!
Thanks again for your help! :slight_smile:

you should be able to see all this in the shelly cloud app.

this is

Are the DeviceNum different for each channel?

Yep, device 293 and 297. I think Debug should be enabled and some logs shared in order to have a proper triage here.

Sorry for the question, how do I do this?

In the variable section of the vera device, set debugmode to 1
Then in a browser go to http://your_vera_ip/cgi-bin/cmh/ for log

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but when connected to my network at home right?

yes if you use browser.
You can ssh in to the the vera if you know your home IP and password, from a terminal window
ssh root@ip_address
Enter password ( you will not see the characters you enter) hit return.
cd /var/log/cmh (to go to folder)
ls -a (to view contents)
cat LuaUPnP.log (to view log file in terminal)

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