Virtual Pronto Remote plugin

Well, I disappeared down a rabbit hole on a different mission and resurfaced with this monstrosity.

What does it do?

It translates button functions for various (certainly not all) IRP protocols to Pronto codes. These can then be sent by a plugin that sends Pronto Codes to IR transmitters - such as the BroadLink Plugin or the GC100 Plugin (or similar).

The IRP protocol “Device”, “Subdevice” and “Function” numbers are stored in a json file as buttons for “virtual remotes”.

So you could have say three physical IR transmitters and want to command different AV devices (ie TVs, AVR, Xmas tree, etc) in the vicinity of those various IR emitters.

The button codes are far less cumbersome than heaps of pronto codes. You can set up a virtual remote for each AV device in the json file. Each physical emitter can be assigned to any virtual remote. And away you go!

Well - you already have a pile of pronto codes already running just fine? However, as the plugin “manufacturers” pronto codes, you could also use it to scan/search for functions for any AV device you may have. GitHub has an example for Pioneer: SearchForButtonCodes.lua

Read about the IRP protocol

Find “Device”, “Subdevice” and “Function” codes:

IR database

Plugin details in:


Install via AltUI:

Plugins available via AltUI

Version 0.51
Initial release.

Version 0.52
Add RC6 format: includes Windows Media Center based items eg Intel NUCs, Xboxes, Kodi, etc

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