Virtual Routine Trigger skill for alexa

Hi, has anybody used this with the vera - Virtual Routine Trigger skill for alexa? Is it possible to trigger alexa routines from LUUP codes in vera?

“Every trigger will be made available as a smart home device in your Alexa account. You can use these devices as triggers for your Alexa routines”

You would need to forward a port and have the virtual routine trigger monitor a virtual switch status. You could then just turn on or off the virtual switch


have the VRT monitor data a web accessible site/api, and have luup update that data on that site/api.

What are you trying to do? I trigger Alexa routines via Vera and execute some logic, usually related to music, weather or similar things.
Unfortunately you’ll need a Linux box, because current Vera’s package are somewhat limited. But it can be done.

thanks for the replies and apologies for the late revert back. sounds complicated. was just looking for alternatives to making alexa announcements and if possible routines from vera

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