vowel mutation in german

There is a problem in german language:
Some of my scenes or switches have a “?” “?” or “?” in their names like: Door --> T?r
these vowel mutations appear in the google home app as “??” (for example T??r instead of T?r)

could you please repair this or tell me how to fix it.


It’s probably because you use UTF8 when you are typing and it reads in win1552 format. Write Tür as Tur and it would work. So letters like; üäöéè is not gonna work.

I wonder what it would do with “Tuer”? The trailing “e” is a common replacement for umlauts.

Teur is win1252 compatible. It’s those special characters that don’t work. So all American letters work but not our special ones (Sweden, Germany etc.)

Butting in:
I have not had this issue with the Buchstaben I have had to use!!