Wanted: activity log (persistent)

I’ve been following this discussion even though notifications through VeraAlerts has been working fine for me.

Along this vein I’d like a way to write to the Reactor device log or the controlled device log to see when things occurred. In the activities area I’d like to be able able to write to the log, “Motion tripped but daylight.” or “Motion tripped, night, lights on.” All with a time stamp.

I know there are limited logs in the logic summary but I’m looking for a simple history I can see just to review control operation over several days or a week to see how things have been working.


I moved this out to a new topic because I think it’s worth its own discussion. I agree this would be useful. The event log in the Logic Summary is, for now, the place to start looking at this, but as you pointed out, it is not persistent across reloads. I will need to look at some persistent storage that doesn’t overtax the limited Vera storage available, and particularly, if someone isn’t using or regularly monitoring this log, does not allow it to grow and fill all available space and cause bigger problems.

Thanks for considering this request. I’ve only got 10 Reactor devices and would only log about half but I could see someone with 30 bogging the system down a bit.

Most of my interest is just checking up on what is going on periodically.

Thanks again.

Hi rigpapa,

I could see this as an extra option on the test tab. You can enable logging of events for a particular sensor for the time needed. It would help me for sure.

Cheers Rene

Until we have real logs you can add something like this to each activity. It makes reading the logs in the Logic Summary a bit easier.

Maybe I’m too new to Reactor to understand the basics of its Log’s operation, but having used the print(“This happened”) command in a “Run Lua” activity, I’m stumped as to where that actually gets logged? I look under the same Reactor sensor’s “Log” section, and always see “No records found”.

Am I looking in the wrong place?? I know the Activity runs successfully otherwise, with or without the Run Lua in place, and with or without the print() command in the box.

THANKS for any guidance here, guys. And props to @rigpapa for such an outstanding plug-in as Reactor!!

In the Run Lua action in Reactor, the output of print() statements goes to two places: the LuaUPnP log file (the main log file for Vera), and the ReactorSensor’s Event log.

The LuaUPnP log is the place where Luup logs everything for itself, and plugins will also log things there, so it can be a bit overwhelming… sipping from a firehose, as I often say. It can access in a variety of ways, but the easiest (IMO) is: http://your-vera-local-ip/cgi-bin/cmh/log.sh?Device=LuaUPnP`

The ReactorSensor event log is specifically meant to improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Go to the Tools tab of your ReactorSensor, and you’ll find, in the “Troubleshooting” section, a link that says “Logic Summary”. Click that, and then just scroll down to the “Events” section of that report.

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