Watch this - Ezlo Plus hub very fast!

Two Ezlo scenes, one that turns on the appliance plug when the door contact is opened and another scene that turns off the appliance plug when the door contact is closed.

It’s instantaneous!

I hope it’s this fast when all my devices are paired to the hub.


That’s great and exactly how it’s supposed to be. On the other hand I’m not expecting anything else since that’s how fast my Vera Secure with old firmware behaves today :slightly_smiling_face:

Great to hear its working fast for you!
Yep, the whole architecture is designed to be the extremely fast and local! We have done this with tiny sub $30 hub!

I don’t think my Vera Plus has ever been quite that fast, but I do have a ton more devices paired with it and lots of plugins etc.

That’s good to see. My Vera Plus was incapable with next to nothing attached.

with three different colors we could compete with nightclubs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its in our roadmap!!! :slight_smile:

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The video is great.

You can include all 232 devices and speed is not supposed to change.
At the same time you can have many scenes and still operates same speed.
We architected hubs the way neither the number of connected devices nor the number of scenes affects the execution speed


It would be great if you try Ezlo Cast.

In the mobile app just add more plugs to the scene and all of them will turn on and turn off simultaniously.
Also great examples to see the performance is to create a scene with different interfaces:

  • ZWave sensor and ZigBee plugs
  • ZigBee sensor and Z-Wave plugs or other devices

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