Weather keeps moving to France

I wish I could be anyway

Seemingly randomly the AltUI weather banner will suddenly assume I’m in Paris.

Any ideas how I can prevent this?



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LOL! Must be @amg0 having fun with us! :grinning:

I’ve seen that myself.


Yeah… it makes me feel homesick at times…

Plus ca change :wink:


Looks like the weather in Paris is not too different from Portland today. :grinning:

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it may happen if ALTUI loses its options values which are stored in local HTML storage.

To reset your preferences, follow this procedure:

  1. Go to
  2. Change the parameters ( locations , name, standard units )
  3. Click the GetCode button
  4. Copy to clipboard
  5. Go to ALTUI option page
  6. Go to the Weather Widget HTML code text box
  7. Paste the text you grabbed earlier
  8. Click out of the text box to release the focus
  9. Force a window reload of ALTUI page

It should now be according to your choices


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