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I seem to be having a lot of trouble with quoting. I thought it would quote by hitting ‘reply’ in the post I wanted to quote. Then I saw the speech bubble and it looked for all the world like it was going to be included, but when I posted it wasn’t. When I went in to edit there was a message saying the system had removed the quote.

How do I quote and get it to stay in the post? Threads stop making sense quickly without quotes. Could there be an option to reply with quote on the posts?

Seems to work ok for me?



Well, seems to be working now - but it didn’t a few minutes ago.

Looks good to me


Hi everyone, I recommend this read:

Just now all notifications since April 04 have been submitted. My email account has been flooded with over 50 messages :flushed:

Hi Odysee,

I’m so sorry to hear about this.

This might happen if some users of the same email provider report us as spam and temporarily block us. Then when the filter is lifted, all the outstanding emails will be sent.

You can change your email notification preferences from here: https://community.getvera.com/u/odysee/preferences/emails

I post in the general feedback section but then noticed this thread…

Some comments on the new forum.

The new Vera community forum is really awkward to use. The main page display on the center of the page with lots of white space on the sides and wraps most of the information being displayed onto multiple lines. When you try and enter a new post the topic drop down is the same and shows you a thin box with lots of line wrapping that makes looking for your selection very inconvenient.

The old forum tool was much more user friendly and easy to read/work with.

Hopefully down the road the new team running Vera can do something to fix this up and make it more user friendly.

Even though the new forum is growing on me and I see some advantages to it, I tend to agree with @jcolter. It is more form and less function. I wonder what prompted you guys to change the forum. On a iOS device, replying to a thread means we cannot read any post. The number of post loaded and displayed is limited and the scrolling is much less practical than the page to page browsing.
I have used this software on other forum (home assistant for example) and quite honestly always thought the old vera was better. Not everything that is newer is better…

I’m actually starting to like it. +1
At first I was very hesitant about the change, but once I realised that you could simply copy/paste screen shots rather than uploading pdf’s or jpg’s it became clear that this was a step forward.
I do agree that there is more white space than there probably should be but then again that is most probably a function of which browser you are using?

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Not a fan. Huge amounts of white space everywhere. Quoting seems inconsistent. Unread / New topics don’t really work the same way (despite discussions with @Sorin, sorry chap)
Replying to one post, it’s less easy to then reply to another on the same thread.
Hiding content <> hiding a post



Yes, I found this on my iPad. But it turns out that if you temporarily hide the keyboard, with the button on the bottom right, then you can scroll back through previous posts.

Yes I noticed this too but still not the most convenient especially feels wasted when you have as much empty space around the text.

I didn’t expect this new platform will be everyone’s favorite dish and I can agree with that. A change had to be made and building on SMF is practically impossible. It was a good platform for a startup or a small business but its usability doesn’t scale for business and security.

We have been constantly bombarded by armies of spam bots every day. Unless you wanted to reply with a captcha on every post and have an army of people of manually approving posts that had to end.

If we wanted to enable any kind of conveniences like Oauth or rich embeds of media, or any type of customization, we had to hack these in. And this is just the tip of the iceberg on why we had to lose SMF fast.

I’d suggest asking if what you’re looking for can be done and if it’s something that others will like too, maybe we can work it out. I made a lot of changes already, based on your feedback.

We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel here, we just went with a modern and proven platform already in use but other big players like Twitter Dev Community, Amazon, Hubspot, Patreon, Udacity, Code Academy, and many more.

I’ve extended the content some more. It’s now about 75% content. You should notice the difference.

I’d also suggest the Dark theme, easier on eyes.

I don’t understand this.

I don’t know what you mean. Not sure if it’s something that I can do in this sense but I’m surely opened to suggestions.

Tell me what do you think about it now.

If you guys think this is some kind of a bug/issue I can report that if I understand what do you mean, and maybe it can be addressed.

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Yes indeed! On a wide screen, the content overflows the scrollbar…


What resolution do you have?

This is on an (old) iMac running Firefox… 20-inch (1680 x 1050)

how about now?

Looks fine now! Thanks.