What device for Honeywell Z-Wave t-stat TH8320ZW1000?


After several years on Vera Lite/UI5, I am finally upgrading to Vera Edge with UI7. I have installed the recent beta firmware, so my system says version 1.7.4413.

I have 3 Honeywell TH8320ZW thermostats to migrate to this system, but I don’t see a device configuration that matches this thermostat. How do I install it? Do I use one of the other devices (which one?) or just install it as a generic z-wave device?



Installing as a generic Z-wave device isn’t a bad thing. Honestly, the specific devices choices are just tutorials - the actual pairing is still the same.

The TH8320ZW works fine in UI7 - the only issue I know of is that when in both Heat and Energy Savings mode, the device instead goes into Economy Heat mode, a state which the GUI does not even recognize. I have a old ticket where I asked them to fix this for UI7 - this was NOT the behavior in UI5, nor should it be…



Try it out with the generic device inclusion. In reality the device specific wizards come to use only to determine what radio the device will be used on. After that it will follow a script for configuration depending on whether or not it recognized the device by its name or functionalities. You may need to manually configure the device as a thermostat if it can’t recognize it properly.



OK, I installed it with the generic device. Looks OK, although there is less information displayed in UI7 than UI5.

I will work with it for a while and see how it does.

Thanks for the input.



I don’t disagree. Note this thermostat isn’t listed on the “Works with Vera” list. Which is dumb, this is very likely the most popular thermostat discussed in this forum…