What do you use to edit on Vera?

I’m just curious… I’m an old vi guy and really comfortable in it, so I even use it daily on Ubuntu, CentOS and my other *nix installations. But admittedly it’s a learning curve and frustrating for new players.

So, to the question, when you have to edit a file on your Vera, is there an alternative that any of you are using that I’m not aware of? I can’t find anything else installed on my Veras, not even the ubiquitous nano. What to do you do to stay out of vi?

I was itching to answer your post on vi… I use nano. I installed it on my vera and is part of my extroot script if I remember correctly and I think I even compiled a later version in my veramods package. nano is much more of a traditional editor with no keyboard shortcuts for editing. You still need some for saving and exiting though.

nano is available in the opkg repository for a Vera Edge… It used to be available for the Vera Plus but seems to be removed from the latest repository.

That is correct, just like block which was needed for extroot of the vera plus, so I added the openWRT repo as part of my script. The newer firmware seems to have a script which overwrites the new repos back to the mios one though so you may need to go back and reedit /etc/opkg.conf with… vi or nano.

Seems to me that there’s a “suggestion” here for AltUI, if you use it.

Would be trivial to add a page with the Ace editor to read/edit/write a file…

…incidentally, the latest openLuup console uses the Ace editor extensively for viewing and changing Lua, XML, and JSON, but that’s not much help for Vera!

I get it, I was just wondering what a general solution applicable to all (Vera) users might be, particularly our newcomers that are coming up the learning curve. Based on the replies from @rafale77 and @cybrmage, it appears we’ve lost one, and getting it back is extra steps for the newcomers. Asking them to install AltUI or modify opkg repos is more than I was hoping for. And I hate putting people with unknown shell experience through tools like sed (which I’ve just done as you likely all saw), but trying to teach them vi by remote control is beyond my sensibilities.

Actually, if you’re proficient in Javascript, a simple web page to do this, which could sit comfortably on Vera, should be trivial.

Sadly, I’ve not got that skill… volunteers?

Coming to “nix” as a newbie only over the last couple of years… it’s been easier for me to learn editing the opkg repo and install nano than to use vi. I have to open a browser screen to search for commands every time I am forced to use it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Too unintuitive…
I think Ace is a good idea if amg0 would want to add a file browser within ALTUI for it.

…Oh, hold on. This would also be rather straightforward in Startup Lua, in not too many lines.

WinSCP lets you right-click a file and select edit. You can even add your own editor to the context menu.

WinSCP here as well. When I need more, I download the file and use Visual Studio Code. There’s code auto completion and LUA/bash support is very good.

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This might make a useful addition to LuaView…

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now is available


It would seem to be a logical extension. I’m an old vi guy myself, so it doesn’t bother me, but I wouldn’t wish it on folks unfamiliar with Unix command line editors, as the penalties for error can be severe.


That is all


WinSCP with editor set to emacs

WinSCP with editor set to emacs :+1::+1::+1::+1:t6::+1:t6: notepad++ visual studio code


EditPad Pro 7