What Does This Symbol Mean?

I’m seeing this and recently this reactor failed to work after successfully working for a couple of days.


So my VeraPlus went on the fritz when trying to add in new sensors. Probably a memory issue. At any rate the lights went missing so they don’t show up in the Reactor as an activity device. I found the error and now to fix but how to clear up more memory? I saw some posts about that but haven’t been following along. Thanks.

for me it meant one on the condition variables went missing like if a device id changed

That’s the “trouble” flag, and it will be set when a device goes missing, or as @richie.digital said, an expression variable gets removed, and other things.

When that happens, a message is also logged to the event log in the Logic Summary, so just take a look there and see what it’s not happy about.

I got it figured out but it is not good…

Vera Support restored my VeraPlus and now all my reactors now say:

“Error executing function undefined(): s.match is not a function” and the switches and motion sensors for my garage lights still do not function.

Not cool on Vera’s part.

How to get my sensors going again? Will I need to re-program them?


Pull the hotfix branch version of J_ReactorSensor_UI7.js (right-click the link and choose “Save link as…”, save the file, then upload to your Vera via Apps > Develop apps > Luup files) and that should get you past the bump that’s keeping you from editing your broken sensors.

If everything goes to plan, the UI tries to show the old name of the now-orphaned configured device. This should help you get reconnected. It doesn’t automatically reconnect them–I thought that would be a little much–but it should show you what they were.

hey i have restored my vera plus now i get thei wehn i have run Lua : dofile("/etc/cmh-ludl/MySDc_Scene_KitchenMotion")

but it works in test code but not reactor

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