What is best practice to migrate z-wave devices from Fibaro HC2 to Vera Plus

I have just bought a Vera Plus and want to connect all my Fibaro devices to it. What is best approach? I still have my Fibaro HCL2 running. What would be the best way to do this switch?


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Welcome! unfortunately, you have to unpair and add every device again.

Hi there, if you’re new to Vera I suggest having a look through this thread for a quick overview of everything Vera. Many of the Fibaro devices are well supported by Vera but you will have to exclude and re-include them. If you’re in need of help, our Customer Care team will be at your service if you click on the Need Help button up top.

Personally I would think very carefully about migrating to Vera plus right now given it seems rather likely that you’ll have to migrate to something else in the not too distant future.


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I have to agree with Catman. I would not invest in a VeraPlus. Looks like it’s funeral is announced…

  • No more evolution in Firmwares.
  • Only promises about keeping supporting.
    It’s only Ezlo, Ezlo and Ezlo nowadays…

I agree too. I cant even get an answer about upgrading from Vera plus to ezlo plus. I would hold off.

I think there was a statement that there would be one more FW.

But no release date.

Personally I would be very surprised if 7.31 wasn’t the last, and until there’s a clear migration path to Ezlo / RTOS I’m certainly not going to un-pair / repair / rebuild from scratch twice


I don’t even want to think of migrating again… I have about 150 devices, and numerous of scenes. Besides the Vera Plus I use 3 other controllers, using MQTT to let them talk to each other. All the controllers have their own disadvantages. The Vera plus is used as the main controller. Keeping an eye on the memory load, rebooting it every now and then… :slight_smile:
I don’t think at this moment there is a ‘professional’ controller on the market. So I will stick to the Vera as long as needed.

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I probably would bite the bullet, but Alexa…


Thanks guys for valued input!

I ask myself the question what made you switch from Fibaro HCL2 to VeraPlus? Lua ?

Good and relevant question!

I have invested in a Savant platform to unify all my smart home initiatives like audio, video, media, surveillance, door bells, lights etc. - to improve user experience, solution flexibility in combination with simplifying usage for wife & kids. One app to control all units!
And Vera is currently the only z-wave hub Savant can integrate with.


what are the elements sought?
audio: equipment, brand, model
video : ???
surveillance: ???

for my part I have not found everything with my vera3 and my Vera Plus, many obsolete plugins for the multimedia part onkyo and LG TV and bluray, nothing for Apple TV. I have a kira128 which saves me to control my multimedia

I have a Savant Host as my main ”brains” unit. I also have Savant audio and video matrix’s - which allows me to stream up to 4 different video sources to my screens (inside and outside) the same source on all tv’s or mix and match to suit the occasion. For audio I can do the same - I have 6 different audio zones to where I can terminate audio from any video source in combination with a multitude of additional audio sources.
I also have a Savant pro remote to control it all as well as an smart phone app.

Speakers are from Sonance and Origin
Amplifiers from Crown, Savant and Elac
Sub woofers from JBL and Sonance

Z-wave: VeraPlus controller with approx 55 nodes (mostly Fibaro gear)

Surveillance CAMs (all outside) and NVR are from Dahua.

Also, most om my audio/video equipment is actually for our outdoor environment.


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