What is NOT working in ui6


The plugins working is a good idear.
Since we are all beta testers we could start making notes off what is not working.
I have been waiting for news and fixes for ui6 and spent much time to find out if something else was wrong.
If you know that others have the same problem in ui6, you must wait for a fix and not waste more time.

I have a problem with “my alerts” I cant change the days and it is full of “device not answer”“device answering again”.
On the dashbord polling is not shown (green, transmit ok)
Pictures are not arcived (snabshots) and motion sensors does not seem to work.
Danfoss TVR is even worse than in ui5
Am I the only one ?



I have a Vera3 with firmware 1.6.641 and am running the /cmh_ui6/ UI.

  • I have reported “Broken help links in ui6” (http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,23668.msg161616.html#msg161616)

  • Device polling is shown for me (that is, I have a “Transmit is ok” on my lamp dimmer switch.

  • In the Account > My Contact Info, I see “Error / Unable to retrieve user information!” However, the profile information appears properly in the simple UI (/cmh/).

  • In the Account > My Users, I see “Error / Unable to retrieve users.”

  • I have been testing the CHAOS Home Notifier, which seems to rely on the result from the following URL to determine whether I have a Vera on my network: https://sta1.mios.com/locator_json.php. In my case, the JSON returned is: {“units”:[]}

  • Initializing the simple UI (/cmh/) frequently fails. “Loading Please Wait …” doesn’t go away, so that the page does not respond to anything.



I also am having some problems with UI6, but unfortunately I’m a new user and don’t have experience with UI5 to compare (and I didn’t know UI6 was a beta - I just followed the prompts and upgraded to UI6 because when you get a new device that’s a normal thing to do). I also am having the “loading please wait” message issue with the Vera interface partially or fully loaded behind that message. What I’ve noticed is that it happens all the time when I access my veralite using the FQDN or the hostname. It seems to load fine when I use the IP address. Not sure of why…

Another error for me is that sometimes the Energy tab just keeps reloading the Energy Data over and over again or it doesn’t load it at all (I have one energy meter). I usually have to go to the advanced page to get an energy UI I can actually use.



I am in the same boat as newlinux. I’m a new user and I can’t remotely access my Veralite via cell phone networks. I also can access from a remote computer. I login via home.getvera.com and it tells me “didn’t detect a unit on your home network”… Basically I can only use the system when I am home on my own wifi newtork.



VeraLite with 1.6.641, Preset Modes:
Every mode is at default. When I set Away/Night/Vacation, the door sensors switch to ARMED.
When I click the Home preset, the sensors stay ARMED, I have to manually set each to BYPASSED.



I am having problems with trying to run an event that is supposed to fire every 1 minutes.

It is configured correctly, but it never fires unless I manually fire it. Very annoying.



I am new and had to upgrade to U16 during the initial setup. They do not let you go forward otherwise (that I could tell).
I have several issues that support has looked at. Or at least they keep having me turn remote support on.

  1. Issues booting the unit without the WAN port plugged in. The unit goes to one amber light and one green light. I have to boot the device plugged in to the network and on battery before I take the unit to pair.
  2. The unit lost everything the night before last while I was attempting to add devices. Luckily, I had a backup prior to adding devices.
  3. I can not manually configure the network settings. Clicking the Manually configure radio button offers no options. Selecting the Wifi config ( I can’t remember the exact term) show advanced network options but I can’t save.
  4. Help is missing
  5. I get notifications from Armed motion sensors even though I do not have any scenes set up to trigger notifications. I have the sensors in bypass now to stop the notifications.


I no longer have a button to change my Trane thermostat to Energy Saving Mode. The thermostat device GUI seems to be broken in general.



im kinda having the same issue with my trane thermo