What is your goal with adjusting dim levels throughout the day?

Right now I have a bunch of Aeotec Nano Dimmers throughout the house, and a great Reactor Sensor to adjust the dim level of the lights depending on the time of day.

My mentality is: make the lights brighter in the day (to equalize with the bright light outside). As the sun goes down (and outdoor light fades), gently lower light levels so your eyes aren’t overpowered. As bedtime approaches, dim even further to help your brain get ready for sleep, and so bright lights don’t mess with your circadian rhythm.

However! My SO’s mentality is different in that the goal is to dim the lights during the day, and make them brighter as the sun goes down.

It made me curious… for anyone else that’s going down this path, what is your goal for dimming throughout the day?

Edit: to clarify, I’m not trying to settle an argument :wink: just curious what your goals are

Well I don’t have dimmers like that, but your SO is clearly correct!


lol that’s a good motto for sure!

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Happy wife, happy life :smiley:


I have a lamp in the family room that I dim during the day based on how bright the sunlight is. More of something I wanted to play with and my wife has not commented or complained about the brightness changing.

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I have a dimmer in the bathroom, which is adjusted based on the time of the day.
Its set to 75% during the day, and to 25% at night. It’s just set based on the is_night() LUUP function, in a scene which is triggered when the wall switch is pressed. The 1s ramp up of the dimmer is sufficient to have the target level adjusted during the ramp up, without any noticeable issue.

Brightness looks good both during day time and during night, and it prevents disturbing too much the sleep cycle of anyone visiting the bathroom at night.

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