What mobile app are you using for creating dashboard pages?

Yea that’s what I was saying, some things are better pre-configured. If only the designer could pull those pre-configurations and allow us to edit them.

Yes, definitely a learning curve if you want a custom interface but if users want to keep it simple they can use the auto generate feature. The developer is great and will go out of his way in helping with troubleshooting and easing the learning curve. He also has been known to implements features requests quickly when they make sense even if it is only satisfy one user.

I highly recommend.


I would assume you can copy the default remote control template and create a new template file. Change it and assign a particular Harmony activity to use that modified template etc.

I will try that next.

John have you got a demo video of your interface in action ?

Looks great !

If I select the BT TV activity on the left


I can see it using these default templates.


So I could copy those files rename them and edit them for this one particular Harmony activity I should think.

This demo is old. A lot has changed with my interface with Home Remote 3.0 but it will give you an idea. Eventually I will make a new demo.


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Yes you can, always have a backup of your project in case you need to revert.

Would you be able to expand on the auto generate feature? I can’t find it on designer

Home Remote creates a stock template for you automatically. Once you add your Vera hub into Home Remote you need to start creating groups and add your devices to those groups… Please watch tutorial on device browsers. While the example I am working with in the tutorial is not the stock template it will still apply. If you wIsh to watch other tutorials from the basics to more advanced features then join the Home Remote Google group and look at the first post under How-to videos. The device browser tutorial is at the following link.


URL removed suspected spam.

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imperiHome registration page is not working

Welcome. Imperihome have gone bust I believe. There are several other posts


See here:

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