What version of firmware to choose?

Good afternoon. Changed the controller. The new Vera Plus controller came with firmware 1.7.4150.
Not automatically updated.
But I know that there is a newer version of the firmware.
Do I need to update the controller?
What firmware is better to install? Share the link?

Hold off a few weeks there will be an updated firmware (that’s what im hearing).
Firmware upgrades can cause issues, so best to do only when needed. So i would wait till this new one is out of beta.


Tell me, is firmware 1.7.4150 the latest stable version?

to my understanding 1.7.4453 is the latest 7.29 for VeraPlus

7.30 and 7.31 had issues you can read about it all on this forum. here Vera 7.31 Core Firmware BETA Release

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Good afternoon. I contacted the support service. They updated my controller to version 1.7.4903 (7.31). Everything works, though there are still few devices in my controller.

Interesting that support are putting Beta software on people’s controllers. Or am I missing something?


You know, I don’t really understand, but maybe it’s not “beta” anymore"

Well, there’s not a non-beta release out…


Means updated to the “beta” version. I asked them to update to the latest version. The support service has updated to version 1.7.4903 (7.31).

Pretty sure that’s either 7.31 beta 1 or 2. I can’t get my head around the numbering.


For Vera Plus “stable and official” is:
1.7.4955 (7.31)
I had been using all(?) earlier beta versions of 7.31 and they were not stable …

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