When Popp Z-Weather (005206) wil be properly supported?

Some years ago (maybe even 3 or 4) the question was nearly ignored by support (old forum), till now it has missing features, and some readings have improper units.

I know Popp Z-Weather (005206) isn’t popular at all, but for example. Fibaro and Zipato support it well…

I have it in remote system and I suppose it has stopped working after last vera edge firmware update.

There is similiar topic (imported from old forum?):

is it this one?

I have the same problem. Have Z-Weather but problems with measuring wind speed, humidity and ilumination… Would like to solve it and hope it will work bcause it is Z-wave device… So?

Is the device recognized? Are the children created correctly?
Can you please post a screenshot of the main device variables (under properties, advanced, variables)? This devices reports sensor_multilevel, so the values are here, but probably a device file or two are missing.

Yes, it is, I’ve no readings from april (it is remote system, so I can’t personally chceck equipment or delete + add device, probably before december…)
In addition Popp Z-weather has bad design, but I’m pretty sure, the problem was related to vera update.

I read somewhere that resetting associations is useful to make it report values again. Since it’s a remote system, you cannot press the wake button, so this suggestion can’t be applied remotely.

The device seems to report a value. Are children created as well?

Children devices was created with first install, but it looks like some problem with z-wave communication (last reported wakeup has timestamp 1564667674 = 1 August 2019 13:54:34, but now it shuold be 23 September 2019).

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