Where is Marc Shenker these days?

What ever happened to “Vera Marc” (Shenker) who did all the YouTube videos?

His Forum handle was marc.shenker and his calling card used to say:
Marc Shenker ▾ Training Manager
Vera Control, Ltd. ▾ Smarter Home Control
www.getvera.commarc@getvera.com ▾ +1 (866) 966-2272

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His bio reads:

Sr. Manager of Community Relations and Development
Vera Control, Ltd.
Feb 2014 – Apr 2017
(3 yrs 3 mos)

Like any manager at a start up I wear several hats at MiOS/Vera; I am in charge of reseller training, brand perception and social media interaction with end users. In my role, I have created and manage our YouTube channel, youtube.com/veratraining, which is both a promotional and how to vehicle for both resellers and end user with over 50 videos that I have written and produced and has 3,800+ subscribers and over 250,000 views.

In my role, I have turned the public perception of the brand around from one that was not listening to the user community to a very possitive perception and one of a partner with our users; after I was tasked with managing the interactions with our Amazon reviewers; I managed in short order to increase the star rating of our controller by over a full star.

I am the eyes and ears of the brand. My job is listen to our users issues, concerns and desires and then find or facilitate short and long term solutions for the individual user as well as the platform as a whole. To do this I work hand in hand with all parts of the company, Customer Care, The Development Team, the Field Applications Engineering, the Connected Device Team, Product Development… I work with every team within the company to relate end user issues, problems and to help find solutions.

He’s also on Facebook, in case anyone wants to connect:

He obviously moved on a long time ago (2017) and his posts and role on the forum were taken over by @Sorin. His handle was actually marc.shenker.

Marc is still with us through his videos :sweat_smile:



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