Which players is the group coordinator?

@rigpapa - how does the plugin decide which device is the coordinator in the group, or is that being picked up from the grouping on Sonos?

The plugin doesn’t decide, Sonos decides by virtue of the way grouping works. All standalone devices are the group coordinator of a group of one: themselves. You can direct a player to play whatever another player is playing, and that in effect is “joining” a group.

In the plugin’s API (actions), you “join” a group by telling a prospective member to “join” to a prospective group coordinator. So if you have two players, A and B, and you want B to play whatever A is playing, then you would tell B to join A. This is done with the JoinGroup action. You would send this action B, passing the device number of A as the Zone parameter.

You can send a LeaveGroup action to a node, and it will remove the player from its current group, if it’s a member of one, and make it a standalone player.

There’s also a UpdateGroupMembers action to which you can send a list of Zones (comma-separated device numbers or player UIDs). In this case, you send the action to the group coordinator – the player that you want to be in control of the group – and the listed players are made members of the group. Any previous group members that are no longer on your list are “cast out” and made standalone players.

Thank you. Now to figure out why the sonos used that device as the coordinator. i never use it to kick off music, which is why i was asking. appreciate the update on this plugin!

The other part of your question, by the way… it does pick up the grouping from Sonos, unless you change it. If you go into the Sonos mobile app and change the grouping of players, the plugin sees that and updates its own map of who’s in charge.

yeah, i just played around with that. awesome!

Just don’t attempt to “group” Sonos and Alexa devices – in the Alexa ecosystem – as the two companies refuse to play nice with each other. This limitation also applies to Sonos speakers that have Alexa functionality built-in!

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