Who noticed the speed difference in IOS ver 3.24

hi Guys,
our IOS team has been very busy improving the code base and launched ver 3.24 yesterday.
Check out the speed improvements compared to 3.23!!! Its drastically faster!

I have to say, not so far, but it may not be updated yet. I’ll have a look.


what version are you running? 3.23 or 3.24? (You can get to version in the app from “Settings” then “Tech Support”

Really? I go to Settings > Tech Support
I have a switch to enable remote access
Contact info

And that’s it


Just forced an update and now on 3.24


brilliant! do tell me how you find the speed increase pls.

I can see a difference. In fact I had put it aside because of performance.
I’m using a iPhone 7 on WIFI same network as the Vera hub.
I’ll have to switch to cellular to see if it still performs well.

I’m a big HomeWave app user so I don’t have plans on using the Vera app day to day. However it comes in handy if I need a deeper dive into settings.

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I too have long abandoned the mios mobile app in favor of HomeWave and even disconnected my vera from the mios servers by removing it from my account. These were all necessary steps to improve the stability of the vera since the server connection was a source of uncontrolled luup reloads. My vera will likely remain that way until its retirement or the release of the long overdue fixes to disable all the bloatware functions in the firmware requested in the feature request section. But I have little hope since it looks like it is going the other way with force feeding of plugins to users.

I also seldom use it, and still use VeraMate. I do notice it updates from The Vera almost instantaneously, like AltUI. Bravo.

Now if you can allow me to customize the screens like VeraMate, I may use it.

I am running 3.24 and have been because I’m on TestFlight but I haven’t noticed any significant performance improvements - not that they aren’t there, I just didn’t notice them without a heads-up! Playing with the app a bit, it does seem like device status updates are quicker. Regardless, the iOS team seems to be working hard and doing a good job - thanks!

one big feature I noticed is like a loading screen signifying that its connecting to my vera. That way right when it launches and shows my devices the vera is ready to respond. Would be nice to have a ‘connecting’ sign so that its more apparent what’s happening!

Yeah, commands seems to be quicker. Good job!

I wish my bug was fixed:

But it’s still there :roll_eyes:

Well it does seem a bit faster, but not to the extent that I’m amazed. OTOH I have a comparatively simple set up, and don’t exactly use it often so I’m probably not the best guy…



Is the bug fixed where if you have two controllers, the app will randomly copy scenes from one controller to the other breaking stuff?
If this isn’t fixed… can’t use the app :slight_smile:

+1 to this. This is much more important than a minor speed increase.

That bug is fixed on the latest app version.
If your scenes are already copied from a controller to another you need to manually remove them. But the issue won’t appear again after that.

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App seems more responsive (thank the team for the boost!), will this improvement transfer to the iwatch app also?
An additional question is, will there be added functionality for the built in gps location service as it is quite limited at the moment where you are unable to not have house mode change to home mode e.g when my partner crosses geofence and i am already home and house is in night mode it changes to home.

I’ve noticed geofencing is mostly broken now after the update. Haven’t really noticed a speed difference, just that the main purpose it is installed is no longer functioning correctly.