Why Hubitat not showing Ezlo or Vera in their comparison?

Anyone know why Hubitat is not showing Ezlo or Vera in their comparison?

We are more than happy to have them take part in our comparison.

Well Ezlo didn’t show Hubitat also until I mentioned it…

But its a common thing to choose your competitors in such lists… good that you do a big comparison list with many hubbrands

anything we are missing?

There are 2 Swedish brands.
Nexa Bridge X. https://nexa.se/x since 1997
Animus heart. https://www.animushome.com/sv-SE/ Young company just a couple of years

But I dont think they are big enough …

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My guess, this is where the majority of their customers come from.

SmartThings because their code is based on the previous SmartThings setups with a focus on local control. You can transfer between the two and there’s a link available to let them work together with Hubitat in charge of rules management.

Wink because they are in turmoil and people are leaving the platform in waves.


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