wifi water sensor

Wonder if this http://ca.dlink.com/products/connected-home/wi-fi-water-sensor/ water sensor will work with the new Vera plus, since it has wifi antenna ?

You might be able to hack something up to make it work. But, why bother with that when there are lots of native Z-Wave flood sensors out there that will work seamlessly with Vera.

Fibaro 857934005140 Flood Sensor
Everspring Z-Wave Water/Flood Sensor
Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Water Sensor (DSB45-ZWUS)
Zipato Z-Wave Flood Multi-Sensor (PH-PAT02.US)

I like that you can just plug it into an electrical outlet

I certainly appreciate the advantage of not having to worry about batteries, even if they do last for years. However, as with most things in life there are tradeoffs.

While the WiFi sensor is mains powered but requires effort to get working with Vera, if it will work at all and it probably won;t work as seamlessly as the Z-Wave sensors. The Z-Wave sensors work perfectly, but you have to change the batteries periodically.


I was looking at the (Philio 3in1 Flood/Temp/Humidity sensor on the Vera Shop, P/N PH-PAT02.us, but when I go to Add Device, it is not listed. The only similar ones listed are all from Philio (Temp/Humidity PAT02-B, Flood PAT02-C, and two more 3in1 slim sensors with P/Ns PST02-B and PST02-C). So how would I add the PH-PAT02.us to my Vera Plus? Thanks.

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