Will ezlo be as good as vera plus?

i have just tryde out a hubitat c7 hub, i was thinking of replacing my vera plus for this,
but after 3 days i can clearly say it really suckt comparing to vera plus, specially when using it with HA. Now im a bit concern if my vera plus brakes, there is no hub that work as good to HA as vera plus, this new izlo secure will it be as good as vera plus is or should i buy one or two vera plus and have as spare? ( It is kinda funny how good vera plus is when comparing it to newer hubbs, the web interface is slow as a snail and the mobile ap to but with HA its rock solid and inkredible fast, if pulling and reporting is minimized or turned off)

That remains to be seen, we don’t know yet its too early to say.

However I would always have a spare Vera hub if I was you, I know I do.

I think it’s safe to say the ezlo will be as good as the Vera Plus - in fact, from what I can see, I suspect it will be better, at least in some ways. HOWEVER, the question remains how long it will take to get there. For me, at least, from what I am seeing it can’t yet replace my Vera Plus. So someday, almost certainly, however in the short term probably not. As for the timeline, as @cw-kid said: “That remains to be seen”

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Yeah, I just tried Hubitat for 4 months, because of Vera Firmware issues month after month and me having to restore the controller a few times during those trials. It seems they have issued a firmware that fixed the lockups, etc, at least per the release notes (Vera).

The result on hubitat in my view, sure, it’s a great controller but, there is some serious issues when integrating an alarm with the HA (Hubitat) platform. The Vera may need a reboot sometimes because the logs get full and delays notifications however, I’d take a reboot once per week rather than deal with the instability of Hubitat. I tried raising issues in the Hubitat forum only to be met with no help a little criticism of my Ademco 20P.

With all that said, I’m back on the Vera platform as of this weekend. I purchased a Vera Secure last week and that’s what I’m using. I plan on using the Vera Plus I have for beta testing new firmware once they start releasing the new platform.

Elzo platform. I have high hopes for this new platform and I hope they have big plans. However, if it will not support the Ademco 20P, I’m not sure I’d be happy. I mean, this alarm system is great and its legacy lives on powerfully. I did receive a Ezlo Plughub and I haven’t been able to do much with it from an integration standpoint. I tried adding a couple of my critical devices and it didn’t like them, so it’s sitting on the test bench for now. App development for that platform must grow and I wonder what the long term plans are for plugins/apps/user dev’d, etc.

i just hope it support HA as good as Vera Plus does and is as fast, (be able to turn on of light 3-4 times a second as vera can do from ha)

Is there already any information on the release date in the EU?

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