Wink subscription

Well, well:

Yup, “off the net” is definitely better in this regard.

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$60 a year just to turn your lights on and off. I could run my lights for 6 months or more for that amount. The sad thing is people will probably pay it.

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SmartThings is gearing up for a Wink exodos. Community members there have been putting up migration steps in the forum.
Using Vera, Wink and SmartThings I can say SmartThings will be an easy transition. I’m afraid I don’t expect to see that here with the current wait for new hubs & firmware.

Every time you have cloud software, somebody has to pay for free accounts.

As the founder of HundredGraphs we got away with freemium service and then paid users pay for free users. But totally free service can’t exist, you have to pay with something, so choose you pay with your information or your money. We do not sell anything of our users, but we gout paid users.


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@ElCid, you just brought to mind a fun experiment I once conducted — in which I proved that I could turn on every switch in my entire house in just over 16 seconds if I had a running start — from the back of the house to the front. All six rooms, closets included.

Which is actually faster than Vera can accomplish the same task! :slight_smile:


Did you try it drunk as well, both controlling vera and running.

edit / 11 seconds all lights on. No im not running any where right now.


Not a hope in hell here. I’m not going to try but I suspect at least 30seconds. Three floors 17 lights switches



Wink’s new deadline

Customers: we don’t want a subscription
Wink: well give you a week more to subscribe

I can’t believe they just betrayed their customer base like this…


I can. I had Wink a short time. Their service was awful! At one point, they were not answering support requests because they allegedly were moving offices… unannounced.

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