Wireless connection on Vera Plus

Hello, I am trying to connect my Vera to my network using wireless connection. while it connects perfectly, it seems you can’t restart your router because Vera will lose connection and not connect again unless you reset the network settings and do the wireless configuration on Vera all over again…anybody faced this problem please, and do you have a solution?

Using Google Wifi mesh router each puck has an Ethernet port. On the main puck the port is used to connect to your internet provider. On other pucks the port is available to connect a switch or device to the network. I have an NAS attached to a remote puck and it works fine. Other mesh routers may offer the same functionality.

@TomD yes that is available for my mesh router, however, I am trying to connect it remotely using WIFI

The Vera will try to connect to your AP on a specific wifi channel. Modern routers frequently switch to clearer channels periodically or on startup and this may not be the same channel that was in use when you set up the WiFi on the Vera. When this happens your Vera will not reconnect.

It would be a gross oversight if the people developing the product did not know that, I think they just don’t care.

That is a very strange behavior for a WiFi client, why to limit it to certain channel, everybody knows that channels change, are you sure of that?

A way to test, lock your Wi-Fi channel and assign the Vera a static IP.

Same behavior on my Vera plus: it only connects if the Wi-Fi channel doesn’t change. It’s my only device with this behavior…and this oddity is undocumented.