Workflow transition depending from current time


Hi everybody,

I want to make a condition to change from one state to another depent from the current time.
Does anybody has a clue how to do it? I need some kind of virtual device which has the current time (hour, minutes) as properties.



I’d have thought a reactor sensor could do this, then trigger a scene



ALTUI has a built function you can use in conditions. I do not have a computer to check that but I think it is called ALTUI.is_time_between(min,max) or something like that

However you still need some form of a trigger that will trig the evaluation of the transition condition. any form of device variable change will do.
Maybe there is a time alarm plugin you could use to act as this trigger ? Or a programmed scene which would be programmed at a certain time and in its list of action it would use the ALTUI device , forcetransition() action to trigger the workflow transition