Works with Nest ending


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Have you seen this and any comment on it? I use the smoke notification to turn on all lights and same for co2.

This was quite predictable actually and though I do not use WWN with the vera, I go through HomeAssistant with it. I had actually drafted a post to respond to all the people asking for native google home integration that it was a recipe for failure and that they are better off tossing their google home out the window rather than asking vera for its integration. Over the past few weeks, I deleted google chrome and blocked youtube, eliminated google DNS, eliminated google search engines and am looking to replace my nest protect. I still use Gmail and google map and they are next on my list. There is a number of reasons behind it and part of it is what privacy due to what google does with your data but specifically for home automation, they are promoting an all cloud oriented approach with blocking of local APIs which goes towards shifting control into their hands as opposed to the customers and as a result will not enter my home. Looking at the direction they have been inching towards, I come to the realization that we, the consumers along with our data, are their actual products, not their customers. Their true customers are the advertising companies which is all fine but not for home control automation… It seems I need to accelerate my nest protect replacement…


In fact, Google has shutdown over half of the services (of all types) they have introduced over the years., in many cases with little or no warning. Google is not a reliable partner, and as @rafele77 points out, you are a product to be harvested, not a customer.

Its too bad. If this does come to pass, which I expect it will - I’ll be looking for a replacement for my Nest soon. I love the Nest, but its too bad Google is going this closed door route.

I stopped using anything Google years ago. Knowing that they scan every email that enters their servers was enough for me. I’ve never used Chrome and I use DuckDuckGo for searches.

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I get that point completely. On one hand scanning the email and inputting all the flight details in my calendar is extremely helpful. On the other hand who knows what is done with it.

Ummm, any email provider can scan every email entering their servers…

Google just try and make the bonus outweigh the cost


That’s true and all email hosts should scan every email for threats. But I doubt that’s the only goal of Google’s scans. I think that all of Google’s products gather data about every user.

That, and it grabbing your personal data even when they claim they’re not doing it…

That sucks. A lot.

Yes and yes in that order. Google simply offers something that people want in exchange for their data…


The logical extrapolation of ‘fail fast’ . Just different definitions of failure.


That’s why I run my own email server. :stuck_out_tongue:

I assume your server is the primary MX for your domain?

Even that being the case, I can probably scan any mail sent from my system to yours :wink:


It looks like Google/Nest has responded with some clarifications but still does not provide much more detail.

If Google do this, I’ll be throwing my nest’s (2x nest & 2x protects) in the Bin and buying Honeywell Thermostats and something else in-place of the protects! :unamused:

Seems like the WWN API just shutdown a couple of hours ago… Not sure if it is related to their announcement or if it is just the server having crashed…

It any case, the announcement is no longer about when Google does this but when. Time to activate my backup solution to the nest protects.

This might be due to Google’s major outage today. The cloud can disappear at any time.

They’ve recently clarified that they are going to stop new api access on august 31. Existing integrations will keep working to give folk time to transition to google accounts.

Yup, It’s been out for a couple of hours and it is back… motivation enough for me to get a couple of Halo to replace the nest protects. They will be connected through Zigbee… One less cloud to worry about.