Write up - Motorised Roller Blind with Vera Fibaro Roller Shutter Module and Dooya DM35S motor

Thought I’d share my blog post about a roller blind installation I did in my kitchen for the patio windows. Take a look here.

I’m currently looking for a Zebra / Day and Night Blind for my living room, to sit behind my motorised curtain rail you can read about that curtain rail here also, would prefer to buy a whole kit from one supplier but the ones I’ve seen so far on Aliexpress are either 240V motors or Battery rechargeable motors.

I was looking for a kit with a DC 12V to 24V motor this time for these Zebra Blinds and planned to use the Qubino DC flush module to control the motor in Vera etc.


nice … did this a few years back might do another one sooon

Here is a Youtube video of the 12V / 24V DC Qubino module in action.

I contacted my regular guy on Aliexpress, he says he can do Zebra blinds kit with with a 240V motor a 12V motor or a 24V motor. I don’t have model numbers yet of the motors.

I am wondering if a 12V motor is going to be strong enough for a Zebra blind width 178CM Drop 1466CM or if a 24V one would be better.

I don’t fancy having to cut in to my walls again to install a proper 240V motor.

I have to install blinds in my home office as well. It’s 3 years since we moved in and it’s about time. I’, still using a sunscreen on the outside, but when it’s windy it’s a very PITA, since I’m facing the sun the whole afternoon.

I was looking at IKEA’s blind, but it’s 3,50 mt and I don’t want to climb every now and then to charge at least 4 batteries. I can run wires at the edge and I think it could be quite invisible. I’m still debating if I’d get a track or blinds (I don’t like Zebra ones). I think 24v over a 240v motor will be ideal, since I can just move them with a fibaro roller shutter.

I thought the Fibaro Roller Shutter module was only for 240v motors.

The Qubino Flush DC module does 12v or 24v motors.

The IKEA blinds are not big enough. My recess width is 178cm with a 146cm drop.

I wanted white Zebra blinds (basically a roller blind) to just control the amount of light coming in as in the afternoon in my lounge the sun shines right in the window and where I sit get blinded haha.

And if I close the blackout curtains it’s too dark.

Venitian blinds would also work but less motor choices for that type of blind.

Im not even sure what type of motor to use with Venitian blinds. Maybe a chain cord puller motor just to adjust the slats.

I can easily add add a transformer if needed. I’ll probably end up with a 240v motor anyway. I prefer blinds, since I have a very nice garden outside to look at while working, but if automated, I can close them at night or during afternoon and live with it.

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